Katara delivers QuickBooks® training and support across the UK.

For more than a decade, Katara has been sharing the very latest QuickBooks® knowledge through training and support for businesses keen to save time and money.

Katara QuickBooks® training can be delivered ‘in house’ or Online via screenshare.

Whether you are new to QuickBooks® or an experienced QuickBooks® user, Katara can tailor training to your specific needs. Our clients learn what they need to know quickly and efficiently keeping cost to a minimum.

We understands every business is different and specialises in helping clients create the right QuickBooks® accounting processes to meet their needs. From CIS records and charity reporting through to cleaning up historic data and mistakes, Katara has the experience and knowledge to help businesses of all sizes get the most out of their QuickBooks® accounting software investment.

Training from industry professionals

Accountancy can often be overcomplicated with the overuse of jargon. Katara QuickBooks® training is delivered by consultants with a financial background who possess good communication skills and approachable manner. Katara QuickBooks® trainers are clear, concise and capable of training at all business levels, they are also able to adapt to different learning styles.

Katara Bespoke training for Online versions (Essentials , Online + , Advanced)

Our QuickBooks training supports QuickBooks® Online Versions (QuickBooks® Online Essentials and QuickBooks® Online Plus and QuickBooks Advanced).

We also supports users of users who have migrated from QuickBooks® Desktop Versions.

Training for every business sector

Consultants, contractors, charities, retailers, importers and not for profit organizations all have one thing on common, as Katara clients they are keen to save time and money on accounting charges. From setting up your initial QuickBooks® file and building your accounting processes through to problem solving, We provides a flexible approach to training, to get the most from your QuickBooks® accounting software.

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