You can view our individual testimonials from Berkshire, Hampshire, and Surrey here.

"Graham gave us a great foundation for understanding QuickBooks, and in a down to earth simplified way. He also was very helpful with dealing with specific issues that we had. We feel much more confident in knowing our way round using QuickBooks online. Thank you!"
Kareen – Dbox Ltd, London. February 2020

"Graham was very helpful and tailed our training exactly to what we needed"
Sally – Iron and Wood Ltd, Bambury. February 2020

"Very good, had a great, customised session with Graham – we feel like we might actually know what we are doing now!! He saved us money too so very happy!"
Alicja – 15Mb Ltd, Woking. February 2020

"The session fully met our needs in terms of providing a guidance on the capabilities of QuickBooks, how it could best be configured to meet our requirements and training our users. Graham put everyone at ease and was able to adapt the content of the session to meet our needs and the abilities of the...."
Robert – Phoenix House Community Centre, Sittingbourne. January 2020

"Midge was very efficient in booking the training session and accommodating when I changed the date. Graham was an excellent teacher and set the session to my personal standard and requirements."
Sarah – aarrkk, London. December 2019

"I found this training very good, it was tailored to my needs and a VAT error was spotted which enabled us to claim back some VAT which more than covered the cost of the course. I now also feel a lot more confident with QuickBooks."
Sam – Primestruction Ltd, Harlow. November 2019

"All participants in our training session felt that it was really helpful and beneficial, and we all learned a great deal about what QuickBooks can do. I predominantly use QuickBooks and I feel I now understand its workings a lot more and there were a few issues which I hadn’t been able to sort out...."
Jane – Swale CVS, Sittingbourne. October 2019

"Having used desktop QuickBooks for many years I was initially overawed by the online version. Graham made the transition very easy and painless. He had tremendous patience and worked at a pace that was easy to keep up with. I would highly recommend Katara to others without hesitation."
Lesa – Adcock Financial Co. Nottingham. October 2019

"Graham was extremely helpful, and very patient with me. I had made several mistakes, graham took the time to go through everything with me and put right all of my mistakes."
Shakira – KC Auto Services. Woodbridge. September 2019

"Excellent As a small consultancy, we approached the conversion to digital bookkeeping with some trepidation, as we had quite specific requirements, which following discussions with the sales advisor at QuickBooks seem to be attainable, just that we were not quite sure how to access the requirements. As a result, we turned to KATARA Ltd to...."
Bridgette – ShadowFocus Consultancy Ltd, Brighton. September 2019

"Exceptional. Did not know where to start with preparing a digital VAT return under the new HMRC rules. With Midge and Graham’s help all fear was dispelled and I now feel empowered going forward. Was ready to give up and retire until I stumbled across Katara Quick Books training on the internet. These guys will...."
Mark Richards Builder & Contractor. Chichester. August 2019

"I would say that from my first enquiry the team where helpful and friendly and I learnt so much by doing this training session I would highly recommend Katara QuickBooks Training to others"
Dawn – A&B Services, Bootle. August 2019

Rhonda – Cartel Direct, Buckinghamshire. August 2019

"very efficient very professional very friendly"
Samantha – PRF Solutions, West Sussex. July 2019

"Excellent – listened to what we needed and delivered excellent training and hands on help"
John – The Knutsford Golf Club, Cheshire. June 2019

"Very well delivered and tailored to our specific requirements."
Colin – Oaksmere Design, Suffolk. May 2019

"The service provided by Katara is excellent. The dial up training session and a full days training at our offices with Graham was invaluable. His knowledge of the QuickBooks systems and his Accounting knowledge is immense. Not only helping with the workings of QB systems but also making sure that what had already been input...."
Sue – Cubicle Centre, West Yorkshire. April 2019

Jenni – G-Ray Diagnostics, Wrexham. March 2019

"Beneficial experience for someone like myself who is not a bookkeeper. I have learnt the skills needed for day to day skills within QB’s plus many other advanced features. Easy demonstration with a great trainer! Thank you."
Alima – QACE, London. March 2019

Wendy – TFP Online Ltd, Dorset. January 2019

"Very pleased with what was delivered. Would definitely recommend Katara QuickBooks Training to others."
Sharon – OTF Hair, Kent. December 2018

"It was a very useful day and Graham was able to address a number of queries as well as give a background of how those parts of QuickBooks , which we will use, function."
Paul – Living Springs. November 2018

"Graham was a very good trainer. We would highly recommend him. He explained all the functions of QuickBooks so that we now feel much more confident using it."
Lindsay – Paythru. November 2018

"GREAT. From my first contact Midge followed up my inquiry very professionally asking exactly what we needed to get out of the session. When Graham arrived he went over the basics and showed us things we did not know it could do and left us feeling positive about our accounts. "
Nick – Arnison Equipment Maintenance. October 2018

"Outstanding. We have used QuickBooks for many years but required assistance regarding the new VAT rules. Graham showed and made the changes with us so that we understand going forward. Time also allowed for further training so that we can use the software to its greatest potential. Thank you very much for the help and...."
Julie – Curti Lifts. October 2018

"Graham is a knowledgeable and experienced trainer with excellent communication skills. He was able to tailor our one day course effortlessly to suit our audience, from Accountant and Chief Executive for overview to the daily administrators entering transactions in the same session."
Lisa – Resource Centre. September 2018

"Excellent & extremely informative"
Gavin – Essex Heating & Solar. September 2018

"Booking was easy and it was great to talk through our concerns and have the training adapted to our needs. Graham the trainer is so knowledgeable of the software and very patient!"
Nicola – Welwyn Garden City BID. August 2018

"A very useful training session. I had no knowledge of QuickBooks and the instructor was patient and very helpful in setting up the Accounts and answering all of my queries. I liked the fact that it was one to one and based at my offices, made it much more convenient."
Emma – Easy Tiger Executive Search. June 2018

"QuickBooks Payroll Training – Excellent, efficient and easy to follow the instructions."
Helen – Mad Sound & Lighting. June 2018

"Excellent service from start to finish. Initially dealt with Midge regarding the booking, who was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and friendly and then Graham who did the actual training. He was well prepared, having read the documents we provided prior to the training. His expertise, enthusiasm, and helpfulness made it a positive enjoyable experience."
Teresa – The Gardens Trust. May 2018

"Graham covered all that we needed to do and went the extra mile doing some minor cleansing of our data at the end of a long day. Much appreciated."
Ian – Holy Trinity Church. May 2018

"What a great day yesterday. It would have taken me months to accumulate the amount of knowledge he gave me yesterday. I feel as if I can hit the ground running."
David – March 2018.

"A job well done. Graham is really good at explaining what is needed to be done more efficient on QuickBooks."
Elena – The Enchanted Tea Rooms. March 2018

"As someone who has very little accounting training, I was a bit nervous that I wouldn’t be able to understand and retain the material. Graham very quickly put me at ease and his presentation of the programme was clear and well organised."
Jodee – Acres Architecture. February 2018

"very good and explained QuickBooks well – easy to understand"
Jennie – A Star Traffic. February 2018

"All the questions I had were dealt with well and I really value the one to one aspect of the training."
Diane – Modes. January 2018

"Great, very informative and covered all aspects off the software."
Louise – W & S Plumbers Ltd. January 2018

"Clear, concise and friendly. Graham quickly understood what we needed and then tailored the training to make sure he covered everything that was relevant to us."
Georgia – Uffindell. January 2018

"fantastic, really responsive and informative."
Trish – UKLA. December 2017

"Excellent! Graham really went over and above what was expected of him, he was very thorough and helpful throughout."
Sian – Benchmark Cases. November 2017

"Very impressed with Graham. We had one to one days training which we found very helpful.  "
Valerie – DCLX. September 2017

"Very helpful and went at our pace. Modifying training plan according to our needs and organising the system for us. Brilliant instructor who understood QuickBooks inside and out."
Sherry – Taking Care of Boilers. August 2017

"The training I have completed, my time with Graham was by far the most positive and beneficial. He came prepared to support and teach me in the things I had requested to know more about. From my first contact with Midge, and my training with Graham, I was met with friendly and knowledgeable support."
Rachel – NDVA. July 2017

"We liked the fact that the training session was tailored to our needs. Also, we’ve managed to utilize Graham’s depth of knowledge in QB. We would definitely recommend the training. It was much more efficient than watching how to do videos on QuickBooks."
Andrea – Ideas Network. July 2017

"Brilliant! – I would definitely recommend Katara QuickBooks Training to others  "
Dawn – June2017

"Absolutely Fantastic, Graham is clear and executes the training with an easy manner which is a dream to learn from. Graham is a friendly and clearly very experienced guy. I found the training very informative and it really helped me gain confidence, which I really needed."
Sarah – Total Steel Fabrications. May 2017

"Very useful day – we all learned a great deal"
Brian – Hill Robinson. May 2017

"Graham was excellent, approachable and relates really well to people."
JJ Lynch – Leading Edge Leadership. May 2017

"Clear instruction in training. Answered a lot of questions we had and made the system much more user friendly. Both administrator and trainer were helpful and knowledgeable."
Jackie – The Odell Centre. April 2017

"Excellent from start to finish. I thoroughly enjoyed the training thanks to Graham. I would not hesitate to recommend Katara QuickBooks Training, it has made the world of difference. I am a very happy customer!"
Sarah – Arbeco. April 2017

"Graham was very good and taught me some good short cuts on how to get things on the system and what programs I did not need as not required for our business."
Sharon – HH Construction Ltd. March 2017

"Very Good, Graham was very helpful and had a very good knowledge of Quickbooks and accounting."
Michelle – Rent find. March 2017

"Fantastic, worth every penny. Graham was an extremely nice man and knew QuickBooks like the back of his hand. It was a must have course for us and so money well spent."
Mandy – Team Communications Services Ltd. March 2017

"Graham was great to work with. Very knowledgeable in all aspects of QuickBooks. He showed us the correct way of working with QuickBooks which has made our life easier."
Terry – Stak Construction Ltd. February 2017

"Excellent, Graham gave me the headstart I needed, without which I would have struggled and fallen behind with my accounts."
Steve – Bamber Sewing Machines. February 2017

"Very helpful, Had excellent knowledge on QuickBooks and was able to explain it in a plain text manor for a complete novice like myself."
Kirsty – Seafood Training. January 2017

"Would strongly recommend anyone wishing to use QB to bring Graham in for a training session beforehand, Graham easily resolved all my mistakes and put me back on track."
Stuart – UK Plastering. January 2017

"Graham is extremely knowledgeable in QuickBooks and I gained a lot from my days training."
Dave – SMQ Group. January 2017

"Excellent service. Really helped me get to grips with QuickBooks."
Robert – Radar Trading Ltd. December 2016

"Excellent. Very flexible and a great all round knowledge of QuickBooks."
Kirsty – Lab 42. December 2016

"Efefficient knowledgeable"
Jon J Oates Structural Engineer – December 2016

"As a training provider ourselves we found Graham’s positive and enthusiastic approach excellent and we covered all things necessary and more to improve how both our knowledge and how we can best utilise QuickBooks."
Louise – TFP Online Ltd. November 2016

"Excellent service – not simply training, but helping me get everything set up, linked in and working correctly. Many thanks! I would happily recommend Katara for Quick Books training – well worth the time and money spent to get everything in order, making it so much easier to keep on top of my accounts."
Hilary – HRPPS Ltd. November 2016

"I found the quick book training very helpful and learnt new things I didn’t already know."
Rebecca – Arrow Security Shutters. November 2016

"Graham was very clear in his instructions and I found the day to be very informative and it certainly opened up a few new ideas for me that I will be starting to use."
Tina – Professional Spraying Solutions. October 2016

"Very friendly and willing to address all of our needs."
Pete – Le Marche du Quartier. October 2016

"We thought the training day provided by Graham was very good, Full of information with a relaxed atmosphere, no question was too silly and every question was dealt with. We learned a great deal enabling us to move on with QuickBooks . Graham had a lot of knowledge about the service he was providing."
Lynn – Business Park Management. October 2016

"Outstanding! Very efficient team, very friendly approach which made me feel comfortable to ask all sort of questions and to achieve the knowledge which I needed."
Nadia – TIG Excell. September 2016

"Excellent, my contact at Katara (Midge) was really helpful and accommodating. Graham, my trainer was so patient and made everything so easy to understand. From being a complete novice, I now feel competent in using QuickBooks, thanks to the brilliant training."
Jo – Capelli. September 2016

"Very useful and helpful."
Stephen – Kemuri. July 2016

"Excellent. We would recommend  Katara QuickBooks Training to others"
A Mitchum – Pulse Recovery Services Ltd. July 2016

"well organised and well presented – a great help."
Charlotte – CH Systems. June 2016

"Very friendly and helpful. Always good to know we can count on you for future support"
Elena – Prestige Signs. June 2016

"Excellent.  From the initial service provided by Katara when I made the enquiry to the support from Graham, fantastic service"
Dayna – JSS Contracts. June 2016

"Very focused on what we wanted to learn"
Nicki – Uvamed Inc. May 2016

"Fantastic  service from start to finish, got my QB’s all back on track and explained everything, Graham turned up exactly on time and left at 4pm and I felt much happier and more confident with the program after he left. I have  passed all the details over to my accountant recommending Katara."
Stuart Kilner. April 2016

"Graham is very knowledgeable about Quick Books and provided the right level of training for us. He understood our business very quickly and guided us in the right direction to achieve the areas we didn’t understand or what our QB package was capable of providing. It was a very successful day and enjoyable."
Jill – WCI Sewage Treatment Ltd. April 2016

"Informative  and made understandable. The  one to one training was very useful to enable us to gain a better understanding"
Bob – About Times Solutions. March 2016

"brilliant very knowledgeable, helped us with all the issues we were having."
Vicky – Electroserv. March 2016

"Helpful and easy to understand, good to get someone who can cover all aspects of QB. We already have recommended Katara QuickBooks Training to others."
Shaun – Fresh Installations. February 2016

"Focused on our needs, very useful and easy understandable."
Laura – Ambition Lawrence Weston. February 2016

"Very friendly and efficient. Useful to go over common problems / issues within companies."
Maha – Kestrel Investment Partners. December 2015

"Brilliant. Graham was terrific,patient, explained everything in simple terms. We enjoyed the time with him."
Lynne – SAT Ltd. December 2015

"good patient tutorial, working at my pace and tailored to my needs"
Lee – Cableflor Ltd. November 2015

"Graham was brilliant! He couldn’t have been more helpful and great to work with. Nothing was too hard! We will be working together again soon!"
Claire – Shared Services Link. November 2015

"Just what we needed, I can not fault Katara for training and would recommend them to everyone."
Carla – AK Sportscars. October 2015

"Graham was an excellant tutor, knowledgeable and very calm and ordered. I would recommend Katara QuickBooks Training to others."
Helen – October 2015

"Very good, Graham was efficient and friendly and easy to work with."
Laura – Woodford Interiors. September 2015

"Excellent, Very happy with the Training and the professional service provided"
Chris – Bestline Imports. August 2015

"Totally covered and assisted our QuickBooks needs and requirements … Tailored to our needs .. Taught at good speed for all of us. Really good knowledge and shared"
Jo – Emmaus Norwich. July 2015

"Excellent training day"
Lynne – Commulite Ltd. July 2015

"Graham provided a very good service, identified areas which we were already proficient in and suggested ways in which we could use the software to improve our efficiency."
Amanda – Custom Sight & Sound Ltd. July 2015

"Excellent – Katara tailor made training to fulfill your individual needs, they deliver at a pace dictated by your speed of learning – all in all a superb service!"
Alison – Lagganlia Centre for Outdoor Education. July 2015

"Graham has an excellent knowledge of Quickbooks Pro Online and within a few hours he has helped me understand how to structure my chart of accounts and use the reporting tools as well as give me some useful everyday tips. He listened to what I wanted and explained everything in an easy to understand way."
Clair – EPG Health Media. June 2015

"Very good, trainer was very knowledgable, assisted with business processes and actively helped fix problems on site. We would definitely recommend Katara QuickBooks Training to others.  "
Linda – Adoption Link. June 2015

"Graham the trainer was fantastic, he completely tailored the day to our business needs. He was very friendly and positive and answered all our questions. We were very happy with the day. Also before we had the training Midge was extremely helpful in wanting to arrange our training at a time suitable for us."
Emily – Horse and Bamboo Theatre. May 2015

"Excellent, easy to follow the system and the training and trainer. Graham is very confident and knowledgeable around the system and obviously knows his stuff."
Sam – RF Trustee Co. May 2015

"First class service, Graham’s knowledge is excellent and provides real value for money. Anyone struggling with QB Online should use their service, we used it primarily for troubleshooting so it was focused training."
Andrew – Droitwich Golf Club. April 2015

"Graham provided a very professional service, and was supportive and quick to get to grips with our project’s needs. I found his manner very reassuring, and we have booked him for a further session. We couldn’t be happier with what we got, and it was excelent value for money."
Trio – Leys CDI. April 2015

"Graham was very knowledgable and guided us through what we needed from Quickbooks easily."
Julia – Quentin Jarman Limited. April 2015

"We were very happy with the training we received from Katara. We had already figured out the basics of QuickBooks ourselves before Graham came and spent a couple of hours with us. He was able to show us quicker ways to do things and answered all the questions we had. I would definitely recommend Katara...."
Zoe – InXpress. April 2015

"Excellent training day – we would definitely recommend Katara QuickBooks Training to others."
Tina – Total Steel & Fabs. Ltd. March 2015

"Our trainer was extremely knowledgeable and approachable, and clearly had extensive knowledge of the pro’s and cons of the various versions of Quickbooks as they relate to different company types and sizes. It was extremely helpful that he was able to focus the training on specific problems we had encountered so that the session was...."
Anita – Qbase. March 2015

"Trainer was friendly and informative, covered all the areas we needed and the one item he was unable to help with he contacted Quick Books on our behalf to try and resolve the issue. We would definitely recommend Katara QuickBooks Training to others."
Sandra – Celvac. February 2015

"Fantastic training session- being able to tailor to our exact requirements meant everything we learnt was directly applicable to our company. Graham was a great trainer and has endless tips and shortcuts to make QuickBooks life much easier!"
Corrina – Amber House Ltd. February 2015

"Very helpful and professional. Graham immediately understood the changes affecting our business and was able to provide clear advice."
Mark – Air Britain. March 2015

"Very good – provided clear training that was tailored to my needs."
Samantha – LG Futures Ltd. March 2015

"As a small charity and no formal financial training, we were nervous making the move to QuickBooks, We found Katara on the Internet and have had three one to one sessions with Graham, one a year. From the first training sessions we were competent users and over the last couple of years we refined our...."
Lizzie – HBBS Counselling. February 2015

"I thought the session was great – Graham was great – we both said afterwards we’d never have been able to get Quick Books setup and working for us so efficiently without Graham’s help."
Jay – Sewlomax. January 2015

"Excellent – support tailored exactly to my need at the time."
Ron – BVG Associates. January 2015

"It was really useful – kept to the topics that we were interested and provided some very simple but effective tips."
Lesley – MIND Brighton. November 2014

"Thank you for your efficiency in organising the QuickBooks Training.  Graham was super, so patient !  "
Trish – Greenhill Farms Twycross. November 2014

"Graham’s help was invaluable, we had taken over an existing business and with it came a lot of historical data that we no longer needed. Graham cleared up all our history files before then training us on the best way to proceed with Quick Books as it was new to us."
Tracy – Signarama. November 2014

"Personal, reliable – Graham ensured that the particular points were understood.  "
Lee – Assegai Design & Build. Oct 2014

"Very informative and easy to understand. We would definately recommend Katara QuickBooks training to others."
QuickBooks Training Testimonial – CNC Asset Ltd. September 2014

"Excellent training day – I would rate my training day at 10 out of 10 and would recommend Katara QuickBooks Training to others."
Eira Jukes. October 2014

"Very helpful and enthusiastic teaching. Graham gives a fantastic, in-depth tour of Quickbooks, tailoring the detail given according to your needs. I would recommend Katara QuickBooks Training to others"
Rebecca – LG Futures Ltd. October 2014

"Overall performance was very informative and easy to understand and follow. I would recommend Katara QuickBooks payroll training to others, this has been a life saver to our company –  nothing was too much trouble."
Sandra – Hillcroft . August 2014

" Excellent training day – 10 out of 10. I would recommend Katara QuickBooks Training to others  "
Robert – BMB Contracting Services Ltd. August 2014

"Good. Packed lots into the day. We would definitely recommend Katara QuickBooks Training to others and are already budgeting to have Graham back!"
Marie – Social Enterprise. July 2014

"Very good. Friendly and efficient. Graham was a world of knowledge and has completely turned our use of QB Enterprise on its head. We will use Katara QuickBooks Training again."
Russell – Transam Rubber & Extrusions Ltd. June 2014

"Very informative and enjoyable"
Angela – Simco External Framing Solutions Ltd. June 2014

"We found the training excellent. Graham was fantastic, friendly, funny and very knowledgeable – we couldn’t recommend him enough."
Deb – Oasis Talk. June 2014

"It was extremely helpful, and all the issues we presented to Graham, he found a solution or at least suggested an alternative way of doing it. Definitely a problem solver. He took time to explain everything in full, even the basics where needed! We would definitely recommend Katara QuickBooks Training to others."
Josie – The Wool Packaging Company Ltd. May 2014

"Very good, very helpful and clear"
Rachel – Beyond Food Foundation. May 2014

"This was an excellent 1 to 1 session at the training venue rather than in the office. As a newcomer to QuickBooks the trainer provided me with the right level and amount of information I needed to get going on QuickBooks and to encourage me to be keen to explore the system in more depth."
Alan – Expatriate Management Services Ltd. May 2014

"The training was very good at answering our questions and enabling us to use QuickBooks in a way that suits us. The problem solving and tidying up of various errors was particularly useful."
Roger – NDVA. May 2014

"Graham was an excellent trainer and very patient. He spent the whole day training with us and we did not feel rushed and were allowed to take our time understanding the system. He explained every aspect of what we required and we are really pleased with the end product. His performance overall was excellent.  "
Tracey Clark. April 2014

"Always very efficient, friendly, very helpful and knowledgeable"
Sally – The Truckle Cheese Company. April 2014

"Professional, friendly and informative. It was a pleasure working with and learning from Graham, the tutor. I would definitely recommend Katara QuickBooks Training to others. The level of service received was fantastic!"
Abed – The Asian Centre Waltham Forrest. March 2014

"Professional but relaxed from start to finish.Graham tailored the training to our needs. Graham is very knowledgeable however he delivers the training in a way which can be understood even by non accountants."
David – Broomley Grange. March 2014

"Training was very good, it may seem pricey but for me it was money well spent. Graham sorted all my problems out. I would rate my QuickBooks Training session 10 out of 10."
Stuart – UK Plastering Machines Ltd. December 2013

"Very professional and answered all of our questions and gave us tips and advice that will help in the future."
Drew – Glasgow Ski Centre. February 2014

"Graham was very helpful and tailored the training specifically to our needs. He answered all our queries and we now understand QuickBooks much better. He was very pleasant and helpful and didn’t get over “techy” with some of the explanations. We are both delighted with the training and would not hesitate to recommend your company."
Linda – Startley Ltd. January 2014

"Excellent. Graham was very informative and helpful with any questions we had. Clear and concise in delivery. Professional yet personable. We would recommend Katara QuickBooks Training to others."
Georgina – LG Futures. February 2014

"Midge and Graham – you are little stars! Between the 2 of you, all my problems went away….."
Tracy – Xpress Coffee. January 2014

"The training was very good and the trainer was extremely helpful and knowledgeable and the training was delivered at a good pace for us."
Julia – SWALE CVS. December 2013

"Very experienced and professional trainer who is well versed with the QuickBooks software. Staff very friendly and helpful."
Md Alim – Jamiatul Ummah School. November 2013

"I would recommend the training to others especially if they get our trainer as he was very patient and explained himself clearly and concisely."
Wendy – Ingenium People. November 2013

"Katara fulfilled all our expectations, Graham was knowledgeable and explained things well. He answered all our questions and gave us a good insight into what is happening in Quickbooks behind the scenes. Overall it was a very interesting and enjoyable session. We would also use Katara again ourselves if we had further training requirements."
Emma – The Engineering Council. October 2013

"Great – the whole experience from contacting you to our training session was totally professional and trouble free. Graham is very patient. He knows his subject well and is a great communicator."
Suzanne – Penman Consulting. October 2013

"Katara QuickBooks training was exactly what we needed, our business has some complicated financial structuring and the Katara trainer really took his time to ensure our QuickBooks was set up in the easiest to use, most transparent way. We are very grateful as we could not have done it without the help we received."
Eve – World Boxing. October 2013

"Graham came out to us on 13th September for a training day. What a brilliant trainer and exceptionally patient. Graham made us feel at ease and gave us great confidence in using the package. I had originally set quick books up at a very basic level but was unable to find the time to set...."
Becks – Torpoint MOT. September 2013

"Excellent training – Graham is patient and extremely knowledgeable."
Sonya – Context. August 2013

"Can’t speak to highly of the service we have received. All our issues are solved. Without Graham this would have caused my business serious problems"
Rosalind – Caterin Investments. May 2013

"Really excellent from start to finish and very personable & client appropriate."
Sam – Urban Devotion, Birmingham. June 2013

"Many thanks for today it has been very helpful and you made it easy to follow and to understand."
Deborah – Ridge Interiors. June 2013

"Brilliant! Graham was extremely helpful and nothing I asked was too much trouble. He was there for as long as it took. I would definitely recommend Katara Quickbooks training to other businesses."
Debbie – U Name It. May 2013

"Graham was excellent, he really made things easy to understand and explained things in depth and in easy to understand terms. Without a doubt, I would recommend Katara training to help you get the best from your Quickbooks software."
Sharon – Home Counties Cladding. May 2013

"My colleague and I were very happy with the training day delivered by Katara. A subsequent follow up day also helped resolved the issues the inititial training highlighted."
Jackie – bit 10. May 2013

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