Need help with your Historic Data Issues in QuickBooks


Our QuickBooks trainers are often asked to provide help sorting out problems with data in QuickBooks files.

Whilst our key driver is to help you to understand why these issues arise in the first place working with historic data issues can be frustrating. You may also find that it will impact on time spent on your accounts and the quality of the reports delivered.

Is it time to tidy your QuickBooks data file?

When looking to tidy your QuickBooks file it will helps to understand the impact any changes you make have on other areas of QuickBooks.

Ask yourself will this change impact on my previous year’s balances, vat return’s or bank reconciles.

A QuickBooks training or fixing session provides the reassurance you need that making changes will not cause problems you will need to address later.

Contact us today to reduce the number of QuickBooks mis-posts with Katara’s QuickBooks historic data issues training and for help to clean up the historic issues on your file to improve efficiency.

We have experience of helping QuickBooks clients who

are looking to migrate from QuickBooks Desktop to Online to make sure the file is ready to migrate. If you have historic vat issues, unassigned vat amounts or have never filed the vat in QuickBooks desktop we can help

have incorrect balances in outstanding debtors (owing you) and Creditors (you owe) reports that need investigation. If the bank account reconciles but your debtors or creditors are incorrect we can help.

have old balances in the bank account in QuickBooks that appear every time you go to reconcile the bank.

have taken over responsibility for a QuickBooks file and find problems left unaddressed by the previous bookkeeper.


Even the more experienced QuickBooks users can find problem transactions and posting errors ‘living’ in the QuickBooks file, often dating back in time.

We explain how these issues arise to reduce the potential for similar historic data issues in the future.

To find out more about how Katara training can help, click here to get in touch or call 01256 764406.

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To find out more about how Katara training can help, click below to get in touch or call 01256 764406

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