Getting started with new accounting software can be time consuming and quite daunting. The choices you make at set up can impact on how easy it is to use QuickBooks® and the information QuickBooks® provides.

New to QuickBooks® ? Katara can help

Katara can help you set up your QuickBooks® file to make processing efficient and provide the information you need to run your business.

Don’t struggle to:

  • set up your QuickBooks® company file correctly
  • enter your opening balances
  • make sure your VAT is reporting the correct numbers
  • make adjustments for the Flat Rate vat scheme
  • develop processes to work around your business needs
  • creating your invoice template
  • complete your first months bank reconciliation
  • design QuickBooks® reports

A QuickBooks Training session can save you time and help you manage your business finances and understand the key numbers you need to monitor your business performance.


Set up your QuickBooks company file correctly

When you first access your company file the set up options can be difficult to follow. Setting up effectively is the key to making QuickBooks work for you.

You need to make sure your account settings are correct, you are using the appropriate transaction types and you understand the option available to you when it comes to manual or automated data entry.

Enter your opening balances

You may be new to QuickBooks and have been using alternative methods of recording your accounting transactions e.g spreadsheet, excel

Selecting an appropriate start date and correctly entering you opening balances is key to an effective QuickBooks file

Make sure your VAT is reporting the correct numbers

Don’t forget to set up your Vat correctly from day one. QuickBooks reports VAT and submits to HMRC via MTD (Making Tax Digital) but it’s only going to produce the correct numbers if it’s set up to do so.

Develop QuickBooks processes to work around your business needs

Just looking at the numerous transaction types in QuickBooks highlights the power and scope of the software to help you to build the accounting processes suitable for your business. You will see eighteen potential input screen and that just for manual entries. You won’t need them all. Katara training can help you to build the process you need (manual and automated) using the transaction screens that best fit your business.

Creating your invoice template

You can have hours of fun playing with templates. During your QuickBooks training session we can look at the templates available to you, how to customise the columns and add your bank details.


Complete your first month’s bank reconciliation

Let’s work together to complete your first month’s bank reconcile. Remember connecting the bank account and adding and / or matching transactions flows through to bank reconcile in QuickBooks. Following your training session you will be confident in reconciling your bank and credit card accounts


Design QuickBooks reports

Making sure your setting and entries are effective and accurate will provide you with the Reports you need. Whether it’s an accurate VAT return or the business reports to manage and grow your business training with Katara can help you to design and run the reports you need.

In addition to saving you time and improving your accuracy a QuickBooks Training session will give you the confidence to use the software effectively and help you manage and understand your business finances

Existing QuickBooks users

QuickBooks Training is not just for those new to QuickBooks. If you already have a QuickBooks subscription our training sessions are bespoke and can include a review of your progress and advice and guidance on best practice.

We even offer a service to help you to clean and maintain your QuickBooks data.

Here are a few comments from our clients who have already experienced the transformation

“What a great day yesterday. It would have taken me months to accumulate the amount of knowledge he gave me yesterday. I feel as if I can hit the ground running.”

“Anyone struggling with QB Online should use their service, we used it primarily for troubleshooting so it was focused training.”

“we’d never have been able to get Quick Books setup and working for us so efficiently without Graham’s help.”


For both new and existing QuickBooks users a QuickBooks training session can build confidence, improve accuracy, and save time. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you and your business.

Katara is a training provider specialising in QuickBooks software (online and desktop). We are QuickBooks Pro advisors (Platinum level) providing QuickBooks training to Limited companies , Sole traders , Partnerships , Charities, Accountants and Bookkeepers since 2002.

Intuit and QuickBooks are registered trademarks and/or registered service marks of Intuit Inc.,
used with permission

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