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Here at Katara Ltd we have over seventeen years of experience in providing QuickBooks training to businesses and organisations across the UK.

We offer both bespoke on-site training and QuickBooks remote access dial in sessions for new and existing QuickBooks users.

The sessions can include QuickBooks Training, QuickBooks set up, QuickBooks problem solving ,  QuickBooks data correction and QuickBooks Vat (Making Tax Digital).

Our QuickBooks training days are flexible and built around your needs. We consider your level of QuickBooks knowledge and your experience in accounts when delivering the practical solution you need to make QuickBooks work for you.

We focus on the areas of QuickBooks relevant to your business or organisation and address the specific questions or areas of concern you raise.


Frequently asked Questions – Katara Training for QuickBooks 

What type of training options are available?

QuickBooks users build knowledge and skills through training via screen share or an onsite training day. Bespoke QuickBooks training via screen share provides the flexibility to book training at a time and pace to suit you.

Training is bespoke so we can focus in on the areas that are key to your business and address the questions you need answering.


Which versions of QuickBooks do I need to book a training session?

We provide training bespoke to you needs and QuickBooks version. Whether you use QuickBooks Online or Desktop, QuickBooks simple start or Online +

We can even help you to select the most appropriate version for your business.


Is training good for those new to bookkeeping with QuickBooks?

Getting off to a good start with your QuickBooks file is key. We can provide guidance on the set-up options suitable for your business, the lists you need to build to optimise your reporting and the processes you should adopt.

We can also highlight the automations that will work for you.


Is training good for experienced QB users?

We all continue to learn and develop new skills. We provide new ideas, update QuickBooks users on the latest developments and share our experience of how other QuickBooks users in similar sectors address the areas and problems you may encounter. Even the most experienced of QuickBooks users can find new ways to save time and improve accuracy.


Can you help me to get my QuickBooks file tidy?

It is easier to work with data that is clean and accurate. If you have outstanding balance in your QuickBooks file that just do not make sense let us know. We can provide advice and guidance on how to address these balances and the impact of any action on either areas of QuickBooks e.g. previous years balances, vat returns, reporting.

If you need direct help to get your file ‘fit and healthy’ we can help with that to.


Which areas of the UK do you provide training in?

With the increased popularity of training courses via screen share, working with your own QuickBooks data Geography is no longer an issue. From Bristol to Bognor, Wigan to Weymouth you can book a remote training session at a time to suite.


How do I book a training session?

You can book training session or day by calling us on 01256 764406 or completing our contact form for a call back.


How long does a typical training session last?

As your training is unique and is built around your training needs it is difficult to generalise on time. We would recommend that training via screen share is limited to a maximum two hours. A second or subsequent training session can be booked to build on this initial training if appropriate.


Can I set the agenda by sending a list of the areas I am particularly interested in?

We build your training session around your key priorities. If you have specific areas or questions you wish to cover we will make sure we address these with you. Equally we will not spend time on areas of QuickBooks that are not relevant to your business or QuickBooks needs. We welcome details of the areas of interest but expect further questions to arise during the training. It is your training session so make the most of it.


Can I book a follow up session?

As much of our training is via screen share we do not recommend a session longer than two hours. You may achieve your training goals in one session or book a follow up session once you have implemented the recommendations and objectives covered. Equally you may wish to book a refresher to cover a specific area in the future. e.g. a VAT session when it is time to submit your VAT return or a file review at year end.


Can You help me to set up my QuickBooks file during the training session?

Yes, If you are new to QuickBooks you can book training including a practical session covering the setting up of your QuickBooks file and advice / guidance on best practice to help you to get started with QuickBooks.


Can you help me restructure my QuickBooks file?

If you are not happy with the structure of your reporting it’s time to review the lists in your QuickBooks file. Need more detailed analysis? Book a QuickBooks review / training session and we will look at how you can improve the outputs including the structure of your management reports


I have duplication in my QuickBooks file. Can you help me to understand why?

If the bank account isn’t reconciling and you are finding duplicate transactions a QuickBooks training session covering best practice relating to the bank feed and automation in general will help you to get to grips with why duplication arises and how to fix it . Practical training based on the data in your QuickBooks file will save you time fixing issues and make sure QuickBooks works well moving forward

My vat return doesn’t look right. Can we check it out during a training session?

We are often asked to review the latest VAT return and provide training covering how to check VAT in the future. A QuickBooks vat training session can reduce errors during processing and help identify problems before the VAT is submitted. Make sure you are up to speed with how QuickBooks handles Making Tax Digital submissions by booking a VAT review today.


QuickBooks payroll entries are not posting correctly. Can we check it out during a training session?

QuickBooks Payroll Training is available for users of both basic and advanced payroll. This can include the set up and processing of regular payrolls and / or how QuickBooks payroll integrates with your accounts. If payroll is not reporting correctly and your payroll costs or payroll liabilities are incorrect we can help.



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Training is available in QuickBooks Online and Desktop versions.

Whether you are getting started with QuickBooks Online or looking to improve how you use the program Katara can deliver the training you need.

To find out more about how Katara training can help, click below to get in touch or call 01256 764406

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