Quickbooks® Advanced Features Training

Would your business benefit from some of the more advanced features available to businesses using QuickBooks®. We can provide QuickBooks® Advanced Features Training to cover job costing, departmental reporting, purchase orders, stock, payroll and CIS.

Job costings

Do you need to report profitability at a job or project level? Understanding the job costing functionality in QuickBooks®Online + will help you to improve your reporting capability

Departmental reporting

Do you split your profit and loss by function, department and or location? This is ideal for monitoring profitability by office / event or monitoring restricted /unrestricted fund in non-profit organisations.

Purchase Orders

Do you need guidance on Pre accounting process? Did you know that you can produce a purchase order from an estimate and convert a purchase order to a bill?


While QuickBooks Desktop calculated stock using a averaging method, QuickBooks® Online uses FIFO ( First in First out). Is QuickBooks® stock functionality suitable for your business?


Using QuickBooks® payroll automates the production of payroll entries into your accounts.

Payroll set up can be complex (especially migrating from other payroll solutions mid-year). We have the experience of handling payroll in QuickBooks® online and desktop version.


QuickBooks® provides the functionality to calculate CIS deductions for subcontractors and produce CIS statements. Still producing your CIS statements outside QuickBooks®?


QuickBooks® provides the accounting centre. The Apps deliver the additional functionality to improve business efficiency and deliver posting into QuickBooks® or take data from QuickBooks®.

Are you looking at an app that talks to QuickBooks®?

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To find out more about how Katara training can help, click below to get in touch or call 01256 764406

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