Connecting the bank in QuickBooks

Connecting the bank is often the first action users take when exploring the potential for automation in QuickBooks.

Here we look at how to get your bank account connected.

QuickBooks connects to hundreds of banks and credit card providers across the world. You will find all the main UK banks on the list of providers.

You will be asked to confirm your consent to have your bank account connected on a regular basis. Make sure that you agree to the request when the message appears on the screen to keep the flow of transactions feeding into the banking section.


A couple of key points here.


The bank feed provides options to automate to improve efficiency in posting entries to the bank. The bank feed assists with the automation of the posting of transactions but it does not replace the need to reconcile the bank account on a regular basis.

Connecting the bank is optional in QuickBooks. You can process transactions manually if you prefer. However, connecting the bank can save time and improve accuracy.


You will find further helpful videos on both our blog and youtube channel covering areas including bank reconcile and the posting and matching of transactions via the bank feed.




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