Don’t forget to download the Vat Audit Report in QuickBooks

If you are submitting your Vat return via MTD (Making Tax Digital) using QuickBooks don’t forget to download your VAT audit report each month.

The VAT audit report is a PDF summary of all the VAT reports you need in one report. It’s ideal for when your accountant asks for copies of your Vat returns at the year end. The last think you want to do is print reports including the Vat detail , summary and exceptions for each month. Think about the planet and save those trees! Not to mention the cost in ink and paper.

The alternative is to go into every report for every quarter / month at the year end and save to PDF . You can save the planet but it won’t be the most exciting task of the day.

The Vat audit report is only available to you prior to the vat submission . Investing two minutes each Quarter downloading it will save you time in the long run.

The Vat Audit Report in QuickBooks provides a PDF of all your vat reports which you can keep for your records. Whilst you can always get back to the individual reports having one PDF keeps it nice and simple.

Find our more about the Vat Audit report in QuickBooks Online in our latest QuickBooks video

Here at Katara we are asked to review a lot of VAT returns . If you would like us to review your next VAT return to provide advise and guidance on how to check your Vat and find potential mistakes feel free to get in touch.




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